3D Gesture Recognition Expert

VR Device
Smartphone Device
Draw to Interact
Quick and Easy
‧ Recognize in-air gestures of pre-defined alphabet, symbol or shape
‧ Respond in 0.1 sec
‧ Draw a gesture to quickly issue a command in VR or IoT
Write to Authenticate
Securely and Accurately
‧ Accuracy is comparable to NIST SP 800-76-2 requirement for biometrics systems
‧ Would be FIDO UAF certified
Our Partners
Most Web and App use ID and password as login authentication, now you can have a chance to implement an easier and more secure way to replace it in your application.
When we would like to buy something online, payment is the most complex process, because you need to manually enter credit card number, cardholder name, address, etc. You can set the info in advance then use AirSig technology to automatically retrieve them in one shot to speed it up.
Since everyone's signature is unique for each person. AirSig technology is non-repudiation and could apply to the process which requires reliability. For example, signing contract, enterprise management-level approval.
It is possible to make your mobile phone or wearable device as a key to authenticate and control an IoT device in one shot remotely, for example, open the door or turn on the TV. You can refer to our AirDoor implementation for more inspiration.
  8 OCTOBER 2014
A Taiwanese start-up has developed a novel replacement for text passwords. It lets users create their own unique "air signature" by waving their gadgets around in a particular way, like a magician with a virtual wand ....
  2 September 2014
Mobile Authentication Tech AirSig Gets $2M From Foxconn
AirSig, a Taiwanese startup that makes authentication products for mobile devices, has received $2 million in investment from Foxconn Technology Group. In return, Foxconn will hold a 10 percent stake in the company, which puts AirSig’s valuation at $20 million ....
Download AirSig VR SDK (support Vive, Oculus, Daydream)
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